Staying Motivated To Succeed

Even with the best possible plan in place, it can be challenging to stick to your diet and exercise program; however, if you’re not consistent with your efforts, your results will be disappointing. Use the following tips to keep your motivation high and your dedication solid:

1. Keep a weight loss journal. Numerous scientifically backed studies indicate that people who rely on a journal to aid their weight loss efforts are far more successful than those who don’t. You can document what you eat, when you eat, when you worked out and what you did – also including how successful those specific things were. Refer back to this journal for guidance and constant motivation.

2. Keep a full-length mirror handy. While most people who need to lose weight and get into better shape don’t want to constantly see themselves in a full-length mirror, it’s proven to motivate! Get one or move one you have into an area that will allow you to see yourself, in full, frequently.

3. Surround yourself with support. One of the best ways to stay motivated is to have someone to lean on. When you feel like cheating on your diet or skimping on your workout, if there’s someone to call instead, you’ll be right back on the straight and narrow before you can say “cheesecake”!

4. Make sure you sleep well. Sleep helps your body to regulate hormone production and since hormones have an enormous impact on your appetite, a good night’s sleep will support your diet and exercise efforts, rather than work against them. Also, you’ll have more energy to facilitate your motivation.

5. Change your grocery shopping habits. Instead of going to the grocery store and browsing around, act like you’re on a mission. Have a healthy list on hand and stick to it, never deviating for things on sale or impulse buys at the checkout. You’ll feel better as you leave the store and you’ll feel ready to stick with your program.